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Churchporch is an easy-to-use church management software for small, mid-sized and large churches; a comprehensive & advanced solution with a multi-packed toolset to automatically streamline church activities with innovative features to enhance communication, establish relevant analytics, insights & reports about the church to provide long-term successful church administration.

The Church

Work faster with powerful tools on ChurchPorch

  • Customizable Member Database: Create fields based on church needs for easy management.
  • Program Automation: Dynamic program generation and project creation with contributions from members.
  • Program Automation: Dynamic program generation and project creation with contributions from members.
  • Financial Analytics: Generate reports on funds received and expenses within date range.
  • Multimedia Resources: Upload and attach resources to events, devotions, announcements, and projects.
  • Ability to track the tree structure of churches and their branches
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Register Members With Ease

Store members information easily

Managing information of congregation has been made easy with this all-in-one church solution. ChurchPorch perfectly handles the storage of church members' details with its integrated database system. Members can be added individually or in batch, get a mail notification to approve their membership on the platform. They can also be added to an existing department/groups, this aids effective membership tracking and pastoral shepherding.

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What Makes ChurchPorch Different?

The easy-to-use scalable church management software drives vitality and care for the church's congregation. It is a holistic system that works for standalone churches and that with multiple branches and diverse levels, ChurchPorch connects the church seamlessly and integrates custom features with respect to a church's requirement.

Membership Database

Get up-to-date statistics with the data needed to maintain and grow a good congregation, keep track and notably access unlimited membership information in a simple and easy way.

Members Mobile Application

To further have a streamlined seamless communication in the church, ChurchPorch comes with a Mobile App that can be installed for both android and IOS users.

Financial Records and statistics

A detailed report on the financial positions of the church with handy and fully- customizable financial statements to keep track of income and expenditures of the church.

Departments and groups management

An integrated church department information system for tracking members at different units they belong to in the church eg. Ushers, Prayer Dept. etc.


A fantastic way to reach out to the congregation with devotions, messages, sermons and other resources are simply being automatically updated in the app each day.

Announcements and News

Automated channels projects special announcements, events via newsletters, e-bulletins and email tools for communication to members and between different groups in the church

Donations, offerings and Tithes payment

Standardized, fastest and most secured online payment solution for members to pay tithes, give offerings and donations and other financial support to the church effortlessly.


An account of what the church currently has as its moveable properties and assets to determine how they are being managed and run so also for reference purposes.

Communications (Reports, mails, Notifications, SMS and Scheduled Communications)

Wider audience is reached via effective communication tools designed to establish connection with members, they help individuals to share information with a group of people at a once seamlessly.

Easy, efficient and customizable record storage and retrieval

ChurchPorch offers a user-friendly, streamlined, and adaptable system for storing and accessing records. Churches can create unique fields in their member databases, and efficiently query these records based on various combinations of field values, allowing for easy classification of members.

Beauty of simplicity

Elegant & intuitive user interface

ChurchPorch provides an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly interface. The solution's interface is thoughtfully designed with a creative architecture that features clear displays and intuitive navigation. This makes it easy for users to quickly locate and access the necessary features, resulting in a remarkable user experience.

Powerful Options

Smart Notifications

Concrete Security

Unlimited Access


Registration of Multiple Levels of a Church

With ChurchPorch, managing multiple church branches has never been easier! Our software allows you to track the tree structure of churches, from the headquarter down to the smallest branch, with just a few clicks.


ChurchPorch Is Cross-Platform App

ChurchPorch is easily accessible to everyone, thanks to its availability on different platforms. Whether you're using a desktop computer or a mobile device, you can access ChurchPorch from anywhere, at any time.


Simple & Beautiful User Interface

Check out some visuals of the amazing interface of the ChurchPorch App. Enjoy the visually attractive view of some of its in-app features.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our clients love ChurchPorch gave us beautiful reviews

Game-changing solution

ChurchPorch has been a game-changer for our church! The ability to automate our activities such as publishing devotions, taking attendance, and scheduling live broadcasts has freed up so much time for our staff and volunteers to focus on other important aspects of ministry.

Pastor J.O Adewumi | PPS, Ado

Streamlining Church Finances!

ChurchPorch has become an essential tool for our church administrators, thanks to its impressive financial analytics feature. With this feature, we can easily generate reports on funds received from members, members' groups, and expenses within a specified date range. This not only helps us to keep track of our finances but also enables us to plan and budget effectively.

Effortless Church Communication!

The communication features on ChurchPorch are fantastic. Being able to send messages to members via SMS, email, and in-app messaging has made it easier for us to keep everyone in the loop and ensure that no one misses important updates or events.

Pastor FS Akinwumi | MFM, Power House Ibadan

Save Time and Effort!

The dynamic generation of different programs from registered templates is a huge time-saver. We used to spend hours creating programs from scratch, but now we can quickly generate programs that are tailored to our needs.

Pst. Chris | RCCG

Experience Church Anywhere!

One thing I love and cherish this App for is my ability to livestream church programmes, access to our church's sermons and daily devotions even from the comfort of my home. Thumbs up!

Efficient Attendance Tracking!

The attendance taking feature is one of our favorites! It's so easy to track who attended each event or program, and it has helped us to identify areas where we need to improve attendance.

Pastor Ajileye | Dominion Centre

Revolutionizing Church Management with it's Customizable Fields

ChurchPorch has revolutionized our church management system with its customizable fields for members' database. The ease of batch uploading excel files has saved us a lot of time, making member registration a breeze.

Pastor Adebayo | Jesus Centre

Have Questions? Look Here.

Have some questions about ChurchPorch? Here are some frequently asked questions and answers about ChurchPorch.

ChurchPorch is a church management solution that automates the entire church activities, including member registration, program management, communication, payment system, and much more.

ChurchPorch manages church branches by providing a centralized platform where you can manage all your branches. You can track the progress of each branch and receive administrative reports from them.

Yes, ChurchPorch offers customizable fields for members' database based on the church's needs. You can create unique fields to collect information that is relevant to your church.

Yes, ChurchPorch allows you to upload members' information in bulk using an excel file. This feature saves you time and makes member registration more efficient.

ChurchPorch offers seamless categorization of members with field values, where members automatically belong to categories based on supplied value. This makes managing your members' database easier.

Yes, ChurchPorch allows you to create groups and add members to them. This feature makes it easy to manage different groups within your church.

Yes, ChurchPorch has a communication channel feature that allows you to create chat platforms for different groups. You can communicate with members of a particular group seamlessly.

Yes, ChurchPorch has a mobile application that allows you to publish devotions and receive real-time notifications when devotions, programs, or projects are created or modified.

Yes, you can create programs using ChurchPorch. ChurchPorch has a dynamic program generation feature that enables you to create programs from registered program templates.

Yes, ChurchPorch has a feature that allows members to contribute to projects. This feature makes it easy to manage projects and receive contributions from members.

Yes, you can send birthday and anniversary greetings to members using ChurchPorch's programmed communication feature. With this, you have the option to send personalized birthday and anniversary greetings to individual members, groups, or categories. This feature allows you to customize the message to your liking, and you can set the intervals for when the messages are sent. For example, you can send monthly greetings to all members, selected members, or members in a specific category or group. With ChurchPorch, you can keep your members engaged and demonstrate your care for their special occasions.

Upload Multiple Media

ChurchPorch offers an exciting new way for church administrators to connect with their members: multimedia resources! With our easy-to-use software, you can upload videos, audio files, images, and other multimedia resources that can be attached to programs, events, devotions, announcements, and projects. This means that your members can easily access all the information they need in one place, right from their mobile devices. Whether you're sharing sermons, worship songs, or other media, ChurchPorch makes it simple to create an engaging, multimedia-rich experience for your members.

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